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October 02, 2008


Herr Matttenstein

" Debates are misnamed, they are prepped statements around predictable questions."
Damnn straight. Stupid debates. Had it been me, I'd have really debated (and probably would've gotten kicked off the ticket, whichever side I was on heheh)


I'm losing sleep over the outcome of this election and the world my childern get to try and survive in and you're busy thinking with your dick?


Hey, maybe all you guys who are hot for Palin should get together. Y'know, you could have a mass debate.

elfini (Dawn)

A circle debate!!!


I'd commment further, but Joe Six-pack and I are busy kissing our 401k's good-bye! And don't let go of your principles, just to get some poontang...she's the Republican's hooker!


BTW...Elfini, GREAT post!!! "Nailed" it.

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