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August 30, 2008



Oh my goodness, that was just fantastic! I had forgotten about the Highland Appliance and Mel Farr commercials.

I absolutely loved Bill Kennedy at the movies. The first time I ever heard the expression "Freudian Slip" was while watching his show. It came up in a movie, I forget which, and he spent the movie breaks calling up lingerie shops and asking if they carried Freudian slips. He seemed to think that was the funniest thing in the entire world. Another time he was naming actors and actresses that supposedly had herpes!

And the 4:30 movie was fantastic. I wasn't into Planet of the Apes as a child, so I dreaded Ape Week, and Western Week. My sister and I loved Beach Party week with those dorky old Frankie and Annette movies, and Musical Week and any of the spooky/ghost themes.

The old DIA "You Gotta Have Art" commercial has always remained on my list of faves, as well as the Detroit Zoo commercial where the kid gets off the zoo train and gasps in wonder "Africa!" and then it breaks into the song "Join the Detroit Zoo society...join 'em cuz without you there's no zoo. So do your share for the animals. Care for the animals. Let 'em know you're there for the animals. Without you there's. no. zoo!"

Other big childhood faves from the Detroit area were Oopsie the Clown and the best of the best - Sir Graves Ghastly.

Thanks for the blast from the past!
(sorry this is so long, but it's all your fault for bringing up all those memories!)

elfini (Dawn)

50 Watts per channel!

I used to have a Mel Farr Ford t-shirt. I don't know why...

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