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April 28, 2005



Legal narcotics? You even have to ASK? Blasphemer!


Crazy is the new black so you will finally be fashionable at the ripe age of 40.
I love your self portrait!


I've been an insomniac on and off for years. The OTC stuff hasn't been cutting it lately so I got a script for the Magic Ambien pills. Half of one does it for me. Husband is starting a new job Monday and has been stressing about it and not sleeping, so I suggested he take some Ambien. Figuring that he weighs well over twice what I do, I gave him two and a half. He fell asleep sitting up with his book in hand and woke up this afternoon at 12:30. In the exact same position. OOPS. I knew there was a reason I never wanted to go to med school.

Finer living through chemicals is a motto to live by.


Lisa, that's AWESOME! You drugged your husband!!!

Sain't, umm, I hate to bring this up, but maybe you're just grouchy and disoriented by nature...


I enjoy my prescription medications...and other people's as well! I can proudly say that I haven't snorted cocaine since 1987. I prefer to celebrate the simple things in life. Like a good rapport with my health care provider, and a $5 co-pay. Cheers!


Disoriented can't be one's nature. Oriented is when you are acting to your nature, whatever it may be.

As for grouchy? Me? I'm a big, cuddly teddy bear.


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