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April 05, 2005


Dawnami, Goddess

But it was a hand-knit toaster cozy!!!!


I just finished knitting you a blender cozy! I guess I'll just give it to somebody else then.


So, does that mean you are living in your car and only have internet access from work and take care of personal hygeine at your workplace?

Well, this scraps my idea of the doll toilet paper holder with the garish gold dress.


Have no fear! I knew exactly what to get you - isn't it wonderful that they offer a gift membership!


You will receive your materials shortly. Can I have the blender cozy?


Well, I was working on a George Foreman Grill cozy for you but if you'd rather a blender cozy I suppose I could do that.


Now I'm really scared.

kevin ryan

Your birthday is coming up? Why didn't you tell me?

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