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April 26, 2005


Miss Lis

Although I'm in no way averse to a more high fallutin fancy pants tomato soup - Campbells is a firm fave in the comfort food department - tarted up with a splash of worcestershire and paired with a nice grilled cheese - there's nothing better.


Soup is good food.


I would never dream of knocking Campbell's Tomato Soup. I remember many a lunch at home, watching Bill Kennedy at the Movies, with Campbell's and a Grilled Cheese. My point was simply that if you are going to the effort of making a tomato soup, it should taste different than Campbell's if you want to charge $8 a bowl. Not better, just different.



I gots to say, the tomato soup at Bistro Jeanty fuckin' RULED!!!! i think the secret ingredient had to be heroin, 'cause I cant's stop thinkin' 'bout it! Chris,
I need to go back and score some more.


My fahter-in-law grew tomatoes last summer. He is NOT a cook. He likes to buy cookbooks, read and buy cooking magazines and then pick things for me to cook.

We tried about 10 different tomato soup recipes, none of which rocked our world. So if you find a good one, send it my way.

I love tomato soup and wish I had my Nonna's recipe. I know it had some rosemary, lemon, thyme, garlic and onions and I know she blended it to be smooth and sprinkled basil leaves and freshly grated mozz on top.

OMG now I am jonesing for tomato soup.

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