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March 31, 2005



I love your folks! You can tell they are gleefully enjoying that carrot bread.

Martin has vowed that he will unplug everyone in the whole hospital if I get to that point.

Where's Dr. K when you need him, anyway?


Serving time!

Your family sounds like mine... I swear, my brothers would fight over who got to unplug me.

Scott: I was born first! I've had to put up with her longer!

Kevin: But she had eight years on me... and she dressed me up in her ballet clothes and took pictures.

Scott: She broke my thumb.

Kevin: She showed the pictures at my high school graduation party.

Scott: Draw straws?

This may have just become its own post...


LOL! I love it! My family is similiar. Every time my Dad travels, he takes a picture of the Socialist party office and sends it to me. I now answer back by going into the office (if open) and take my picture answering the phone.

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