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Carrying the wieght of the world so you don't have to.


There was no Saint Christopher, he's a myth that became a cult and finally an amazingly popular Saint. So much so that my Dad wore a medal of his and then named me in homage. When the Pope 86'd Christopher how lucky that I wasn't renamed Stanislaus- fortunate for both my future mental health and the developement of an insight toward what faith might be about (anyone can believe in something they know exists).

25 Things about me:

1. In an elementary school production I played Shroeder in "You're a Good Man Charlie Brown"

2. My superpower is a whistle that stops cabs from half a block away.

3. Favorite Movie: To Have or Have Not

4. 4 times I've joined the Columbia House Record Club and sold the cd's as used.

5. In High School I lettered twice in Tennis

6. Can't Spell

7-9. Built like Buddha, look like Santa, curse like Satan.

10. Have bought a friend a divorce as a present.

11. Met Kurt Vonnegut once, he apologized for the length of the line and that we couldn't talk. Then he drew an asshole in my book and signed it.

12. Was really pissed when Sesame Street was canceled so they could televise the watergate hearings

13. Know more about the movie "The Wizard of Oz" than any straight guy should.

14. I collect postcards send them to:
Sain't Christopher
P.O. 641213
San Francisco, CA 94164

15. Actually saved a guys life with CPR.

16. Other superpower, can dream lucidly.

17. Was a soldier for two years.

18. Threw Paul Westerberg's bachelor party (if you don't know who he is, please don't ask- I'll feel old)

19. There's a homeless guy I buy art supplies for.

20. Wish I could sing more than anything else.

21. Have read all 27 Discworld novels by Terry Pratchett.

22. Managed a Punk club for 4 years, never thought rock and roll could save anyone.

23. Stood outside the window at 24 hour fitness and held a sign up to the treadmillers: You Are All Mice.

24. Changed the label on the recycling bin from "Colored Paper" to "Paper of Color"

25. I want a dog.